Inspiration & Influence

SIGNAL 2018 took place in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, which according to wikipedia was named after the rock concert impresario Bill Graham; I know it better as the arena has hosted concerts by artists from Jimmy Buffett to Lady Gaga and the Gorillaz.

When I was designing for the space I used bright and saturated colors keeping in mind the large surface area available on site, and the possibility of the interior being dimly lit.

Every single element of SIGNAL was designed to emulate the colored shadows cast by colored spotlights used on stage. The colored shadows are the result of “additive mixture” #science White light is the sum of intercepting colored lights, but when any of the colors are obscured, the remaining colors cast a colorful shadow.



The overlap SIGNAL logo was the specifically designed for SIGNAL 2018 and the Signals of the future, like the rest of the elements it was created by overlapping the Twilio and Signal logos. This logo was used in a combination of ways in ads to promote the conference, and throughout the conference in signage, presentations, and swag.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Navy

Color is a strong brand identifier, it provides contrast and helps define hierarchy. For SIGNAL we used a subtractive color model used in print.

So I started with our primary colors of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. The overlapping colors created a Purple, Green, and Twilio’s Red. Instead of black for when all colors overlapped, I used Twilio’s Navy.

This allowed the team and I to have a set vibrant color palette which brought life to the dimly lit venue.



A series of glyphs were created for SIGNAL, they were the foundation which the team and I extracted the abstract shapes throughout all applications.

Every giant band of color is just a close up cropping of one or more of the glyphs in action.

Apart from the glyphs created from the alphabet, there were also event specific glyphs for Superclass, Hackpack.cc, and for the band OK GO.



OK GO played a big part in SIGNAL 2018, with live performances using Twilio’s API as a musical instrument.

Using the glyph system the team and I created OK GO’s Signal logo, and stage graphics that accompanied the band as they performed on stage. The simple alphabet glyphs and color palette allowed for some exciting motion graphics.


Twilio Creators

Established at SIGNAL 2018 was Twilio Creators, a VIP program for advocated and customers. The logo is a modified version of the Twilio logo composed of diverging lines representing the many different ideas and contributors that form Twilio Creators.

Visually, the logo is inspired by bird’s nests, which is also a nod to Twilio’s owl mascot.