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What is it even?

Keeping in tradition with every SIGNAL before, SIGNAL 2018 tickets came with a piece of hackable swag: Hackack V.4

The Hackpack V.4 allowed the conference attendees to participate in interactive activities directly from the device or at specific locations. It was also a wallet keeping track of the points that they had been earning by attending sessions and workshops, which they could later spend at the swag store of less interactive swag.


Its form

The idea was to build the most robust Hackpack in the history of Hackpacks, it had to come with a screen, it needed a directional pad and a certain number of buttons like an old school arcade. We also included a power bank that provides the user with enough juice to last a whole day at SIGNAL.
Rubix cubing all these elements around the circuit board, we landed on a classic layout.

back_3_4 (1).png

Claim your Hackpack

Working with the developers we designed a flow and interface that made it as easy as possible for SIGNAL attendees to claim a Hackpack. Get started just by texting the unique code on the screen.


Read world swag

The Hackpack also keeps track of the number of points earned by every attendee from attending presentations and participating in activities around the conference. The points earned would later be used in exchange for swag, lots and lots of swag!


TwilioQuest Avatar

Every attendee at SIGNAL 2018 would have either an existing or new TwilioQuest account which comes with an 8-bit avatar. All attendees were given access to 267 new unique avatar items ranging from a Samus’ helmet to Cloud’s buster sword!